Blue Canopy: Healing Ministry

In February 2015, Holy Ground Church embarked on a 100-day long journey through the Word of God. Pastor Chellis Tsang shared from the Bible from cover to cover, beginning with Genesis and ending in Revelation. The result was an overwhelming outpouring of the gifts of the Holy Spirit, most prominently the gift of healing, thus, giving birth to Blue Canopy – a healing ministry created to serve those with terminal conditions.

Through the grace of God, Blue Canopy has successfully prayed for and healed over 150 cases throughout the United States and China. It is the deep conviction of this ministry that the Holy Spirit is moving mightily to witness that the glory of God has returned as in the first century church.

1. Intercessory Prayer by the Sparrow prayer team:  
Prayer requests for all conditions are prayed over by the intercessory team. All requests must be made by the individual in need of prayer.

2. Direct Laying on of hands by the Blazing Star prayer team:
James 5:14 commands us to go to the elders in person for healing, just as the young paralyzed man was lowered from the rooftop by his four friends to receive healing from Jesus (Mark 2:2-5).

Individuals with terminal conditions whom are able to physically travel to Holy Ground Church in Oakland, CA will be prayed for with the direct laying on of hands. By the grace of God, this style of prayer has produced a nearly 100% success rate. However, the following Biblical principles and parameters should be observed by those requesting prayer in order for prayer to be effective.

1.    A seeking heart must accompany the request for prayer, evidenced by the willingness to make corresponding lifestyle changes as Jesus commanded after He healed the paralyzed man at the Pool of Bethesda (John 5:7-14).

a.    Discontinuation of habitual sin
b.    Maintaining a strong prayer and devotional life
c.     Regular tithing
d.    Honoring and observing the Sabbath Day
e.    Adjusting poor lifestyles and eating habits

2.    The following types of requests will not be prayed for by the Blazing Star prayer team. Requests that fall under these parameters will be referred to the Sparrow prayer team for intercessory prayer:

a.    Mental and/or psychological conditions
b.    Conditions that can be cured by medical doctors
c.     Conditions due to the natural aging and life process
d.    Parenting difficulties and undisciplined children
e.    Requests to alter ones spiritual condition

Prayer requests can be sent to

藍綢平台 – 醫治禱告事工

於 2015 年 2 月, 聖徒之家舉辦了一連 100 天的聖經硏讀特會。曾子雨牧師分享聖經從創世紀至啟示錄 。感謝主我們見證了聖靈恩膏奇妙的降臨在我們當中, 最為突出的就是多人得到身體上的醫治。由此亦誕下一個醫治禱告事工名為藍綢平台, 特別為醫治末期的絕症病者。

靠著神的恩典, 在一年多來藍綢平台共醫治了超過 150 於美國及中國的朋友們。因此我們深信神的靈現在是為見證祂自己的榮耀已經回歸, 神跡奇事如同在初期教會的日子一樣。


麻雀代禱團隊的遠距離代禱: 代禱範圍包括任何身體狀況的需求, 病人必須親自發出代禱請求。


聖經雅各書 5:14 教導我們親身接受教會長老的按手求醫治, 又像馬可福音 2:2-5 那癱子的四個朋友拆了房頂及把癱子連所躺臥的褥子都縋下去, 好讓他能從耶穌那裡得醫治。因此患有絕症的病者最好能親身來到位於加州的聖徒之家教會, 來接受星火團隊的醫治祈禱。靠著神的恩典, 我們如此按手禱告的成功率接近100%。並且病者應該遵行以下的聖經原則, 好讓禱告蒙主垂聽:

1.     病者需要願意在生活行為方面有相應的調節與改變, 好像耶穌叫祂醫治於畢士大池邊的病人不要再犯罪, 不而將會病得更重. 約翰福音 5:7-14

2.     以下的狀態不包括在星火團契的醫治禱告之內, 病者將會轉由麻雀代禱團來代禱:

a.     精神及/或心理問題
b.     醫生能夠醫治不至於死的疾病
c.     因年老衰敗的身體老化及正常的功能退化, 自然衰老現象
d.     問題兒童及不聽話的孩子
e.     為改變屬靈生命狀態的請求